Sudden breakup of a long term relationship: tips to tackle

Sudden breakup of a long term relationship: tips to tackle

All breakups are painful, but when you weren’t expecting it, it might hurt considerably more. Even if it may not seem possible right now, there are strategies to deal with the breakup of a long-term relationship and begin the healing process. It may be very disappointing and frustrating when a relationship doesn’t work out as you had hoped or as you wanted it to be. Most likely, you feel as though everything has suddenly fallen apart. You may be wondering at this point if it’s really possible to deal with the sadness. Feel free to take help from an Online Counselor at TalktoAngel, who will guide you best with sudden breakup issues.

According to recent research, those who were dejected over a nine-week period and thought more about their relationships recovered completely from their breakup. Self-concept reconstruction, which involves recovering and strengthening your sense of who you are apart from the relationship, is a very important step in the healing process.

Reasons long term relationship breakup

The majority of us have heard tales of long-term relationships ending. After five years of living or staying together, some couples decide to split up. There may be a number of causes for a long-term relationship to suddenly end. It might be anything: poor communication, a lack of intimacy, career aspirations, and a lack of relationship development, unresolved difficulties, infidelity, or a shift in priorities. The top 3 reasons are as follow:

  • Unspoken sentiments and unresolved problems

Unspoken feelings and unsolved issues can harm a relationship over time and weaken a couple’s affection for one another. You will inevitably disagree and hold divergent views, but if arguments or disputes get out of hand to the point where it becomes impossible to continue being together, one or both partners may decide to separate.

  • Lack of passion and intimacy

One of the most frequent causes of a sudden breakup in a long-term relationship is this. Partners become accustomed to being in each other’s company after spending so much time together. This ease might quickly turn into complacency. However, if you stop dating while you’re in a relationship, there may be a problem. Of course, you cannot maintain the same degree of passion and intimacy that you felt during the honeymoon phase over the years.

  • Lack of relationship growth 

Both partners should be able to develop as individuals and as a couple in a healthy relationship. Simply cohabiting is insufficient. It’s essential to contribute positively and meaningfully to your partner’s life. There must be room for expansion. Long-term relationships can suffer if that space is absent between the partners. It is best to end the relationship if one party believes they would be happier without the other.

Ways to express breakup in a positive way

  1. Expressing your emotions

You could experience sadness one minute and anger the very next minute as the mourning process has its ups and downs. Some individuals could even feel relieved. You should acknowledge your feelings. The feelings like:

  • Acceptance
  • Relief
  • Shock
  • Denial
  • Grief
  • Rejection
  • Pain
  • Betrayal
  • Fear
  • Embarrassment
  • Sadness
  1. Take some simple steps

It might be simple to lose sight of oneself while you’re in a relationship, especially one that lasts a long time. It can be challenging to concentrate on the benefits of your relationship right now, but you can learn to appreciate this period as a chance for introspection. Sessions with a psychotherapist, often known as talk therapy, can also assist you in processing your feelings and identifying coping mechanisms. Look for a therapist who focuses on helping couples heal their relationships. You can also go for online counseling services if you want to be at ease from your home or if you don’t want to step out of your home due the overwhelming feelings.

You can improve your ability to form love relationships in the future by concentrating on your social relationships right now. According to experts, maintaining social connections might reduce depression and lengthen life. In certain cases, a breakup results in one or both parties leaving a formerly shared residence. If you and your partner shared dogs or kids during your relationship, the emotional toll could increase even more as a result of the stress of moving.

  1. Try focusing on the long term recovery options available with you

Grief is a process, and there is no set schedule for it. After a breakup, you might need to grieve a little longer. Making sure to maintain your social and physical activity will help you maintain your mental health when going through a breakup. This can lessen any discomfort and depression you might be feeling.

Self-care is crucial at all times, but especially after a breakup. In terms of interpersonal interactions, the saying  that if you want to take care of others the very first thing you should do is start taking care of yourself which is undoubtedly true. Because it is said that building healthy relationship with oneself is equally important for people and that can only happen when a person indulge in self care tips and techniques.

Based on the circumstances of your separation, it could be difficult to rebuild your trust in other people. But if you don’t rebuild trust, you can later get into issues with your partners. A therapist can suggest techniques for re-establishing trust in your relationships because building trust might take time.

If you haven’t already, it may be time to consult a therapist if you ever reach a point when dealing with a breakup is so challenging that your mental health is suffering. Be nice to yourself and approach your breakup as the process that it is, above all else. If you think sudden breakup issues are effecting your mental health also, feel free to consult best Online Counselor at TalktoAngel, who will surely help you out with your issue and will definitely make you feel better.


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