Kedarnath Yatra 2023: Book Helicopter Services and Get More Info

Kedarnath Yatra 2023: Book Helicopter Services and Get More Info

The famed Kedarnath Temple, one of Lord Shiva’s 12 Jyotirlingas, is located at a lovely elevation of 3553 m. The sanctity of Kedarnath Temple extends beyond its physical location; it is also part of Uttarakhand’s Chota Char Dham. Many pilgrims walk on this charmed route each year, yet the journey may be challenging for others. The Helicopter for Kedarnath To Phata 2023 is not only convenient, but the view from the summit is spectacular. This tour will allow you to see Kedarnath’s entire, truly magnificent environment from a bird’s eye perspective.Kedarnath Yatra

Gauri Kund, about 19 miles from Kedarnath, serves as the starting point for the walk to Kedarnath. This 19-kilometer trek features twisting roads that can be rather steep at times, making it difficult for senior citizens to traverse. In that case, the best course of action is to join a gorgeous helicopter flight that departs from Phata and Guptkashi.
It is also a popular option for pilgrims and guests to get to Kedarnath in order to experience the aerial view.Kedarnath Yatra

The regularity

The availability of helicopter trips to Kedarnath on a regular basis is excellent news for both devotees and pilgrims. You can take a variety of helicopter rides throughout the day at short intervals. You can visit the Kedarnath Temple and return to Phata or Guptkashi on the same day. Many pilgrims prefer to stay the night at Kedarnath and return the next day by another helicopter journey.Kedarnath Yatra

The frequency is not a problem because of the government’s remarkable initiative, which ensured that enough helicopter services are available for pilgrims and devotees and that their Darshan of Kedarnath is as trouble-free as possible.
Himalayan Heli Services Pvt Ltd, Heritage Aviation Pvt Ltd, and Crystal Aviation Charges: INR 2349* from Phata/Sirsi to Kedarnath or Kedarnath to Phata/Sirsi, INR 4900* for a round trip (Phata/Sirsi-Kedarnath-Phata/Sirsi), and INR 8500* from Guptk (Guptkashi-Kedarnath-Guptkashi)
Please keep in mind that the fees shown here are for the year 2022, and they may vary for the year 2023.

How to Buy Kedarnath Temple Helicopter Tickets Online

The majority of helicopter companies will have websites where you may purchase advance tickets. Uttarakhand Tourism has also launched a website where you can make online ticket reservations. On this page, you can find a list of all licenced helicopter companies. This makes it convenient, real, and secure.

Most websites require you to check in before entering your travel date and selecting the best option. The passenger information form will then be required, followed by the payments page. After completing the debit or credit card payment, you should receive your ticket.


Tickets can also be purchased at Phata and Guptkashi. Both of these locations have ticket desks where you may purchase helicopter tickets to Kedarnath. However, keep in mind that there is often a long line at these booths, so you may have to wait.

Documents Required

A few documents, both online and offline, are required for your helicopter journey to Kedarnath.

If you made your reservation online, make sure to bring these documents with you when you arrive for the helicopter flight.

The following are the documents:

1. A photo ID. You may bring your driver’s licence, passport, Aadhar card, and Pan card.
2. Using biometrics to register. You may get your biometrics taken in Phata, Sonprayag, and Kedarnath.
3. A doctor examines your health. In Sonprayag and Phata, this is conceivable.

Further Information

It is not permissible for you to transport any luggage or suitcases.

If you buy a return ticket, you should have about two hours at Kedarnath for Darshan.
The Kedarnath Helipad is around 500 metres away from the Kedarnath Temple. You can hire a palki if you are unable to walk.

Weather conditions may force helicopter flights to be cancelled. Carry gloves, raincoats, and wool clothing with you at all times.

After a five-minute helicopter travel from Helipad Sirsi to Kedarnath, a 15-minute helicopter ride from Guptkashi follows.
Reservations for Kedarnath Helicopter Services are expected to begin in February.
The limit weight per person is 80 kg; if you weigh more, there is an extra cost per kilogramme.

What are you still waiting for?

Simply pack your belongings and take to the skies to see the revered Kedarnath Temple in all its glory. As you soar over the gorgeous countryside, experience the complete exhilarating and pleasurable helicopter ride.

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