How to Add or Delete Reminders on OPPO Phones?

How to Add or Delete Reminders on OPPO Phones?

Add a reminder on OPPO phones:

We are so bombarded with information that it is easy to overlook the most important. Luckily, our smartphones do more than just assist us with web research. If you’re not yet aware, you will be pleased to learn that you can set a reminder on an Oppo Phones. This article will show you exactly how to carry out this operation. To accomplish this, we will first see how to programme a reminder on your Oppo’s agenda, followed by how to put in place one on your device clock.

How do I use my OPPO’S Calendar to set up a one-time Reminder?

1. Open calendar/event agenda on your OPPO phone.

2. Select a day on which you want to set a reminder alarm.

3. Now press the icon “+” to add an event.

4. Now choose “title”. Add the title, for example, “Jhon’s birthday”.

5. Now choose “start” and “end”.

6. Select if you want the reminder for the whole day or a specific time of the day.

7. In addition to the time, you would like your reminder to be alerted to you, you can schedule a notification that will notify you a little before the event’s start time, and you can even customize that this notification is sent to you via email on your Oppo.

How do I plan a daily or recurring reminder VIA my OPPO’s calendar application?

Finally, if your task is recurring and you do not want to schedule reminders every time, you can use the “Repeat” button to specify whether you want this task to be repeated every day, every month, or every year. Assuming it is a monthly reminder, but only for one year, you will need to select the length of this period in the last tab » Duration ».

How do you set a reminder on your OPPO’s clock?

After you’ve seen how to configure a reminder on your Oppo’s calendar, we’ll show you how to do it with your Oppo’s clock application. Unlike a reminder on the agenda, which is meant to serve as an alarm clock or everyday reminder for a repeated task, such as taking the pill or thinking about reading your messages, the clock is intended to serve as a one-time reminder for a one-time event. You can, however, schedule reminders for any day of the year by clicking on the calendar icon. If you have any doubts about whether your phone is set to the correct time, read this article to learn how to adjust it.

Here’s how to use your Oppo’s clock to set a reminder:

1. Open “clock” on your OPPO smartphone.

2. Select the icon “+”.

3. Chose the day when you need your reminder to be set.

4. For one time reminder, set the time.

5. Chose if you want the vibrator, activator, or alarm ringtone.

6. You also can pair it with a notification alarm that will sound after your reminder at intervals of 5 to 30 minutes and 3 to 10 times.

Delete reminder on OPPO phones:

Deleting reminders is very easy as compared to adding reminders. It will not take more than 1 minute to delete the reminder. Follow the following easy and simple procedure:

1. Open the Google app on your OPPO smartphone.

2. Select your profile picture at the top right corner.

3. Open reminders.

4. Select upcoming reminders.

5. Press deletes.

Bottom line:

Setting reminders make your life easy. As everyone is very busy these days and forget many important things on daily basis. So, to cater to these problems develop the habit of setting reminders. Also, if you want to delete them, the procedure is explained above.

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