Different Types Locks and How to Choose the Right One

Different Types Locks and How to Choose the Right One

Everyone’s top priority is to feel safe and you must protect yourself from danger. You need the greatest door locks if you want to stay safe on your property. In order to protect yourself, your family, and your possessions today, doors must be locked. Door locks like side gate and Gatemate Lock are really necessary for us to live securely and safely in our houses. These different high-security door locks and protection are required for various circumstances. Due to this, living in peace without a lock is impossible.Different Types Locks

These modern door locks provide the highest protection and aesthetics. They are readily accessible on the market as most people build new homes. There are numerous door locks, but you must select the suitable one as per your need. They are all useful and serve various usability objectives so you can utilise the many types of locks stated. This will depend on the location, purpose, and durability.

They enhance the design of your room in addition to serving the function of security. There are all the locks you need, from bathroom door locks to locks for your front door. Additionally, modern door locks come in automatic and manual varieties.

Various Door Lock Types

1. Latching Door Locks

It is the safest and most secure lock installed on the main door. It is useful for your primary doors, tri bolt, and six bolts to provide the best security. You can also pick one or two latching bolt locks. You can easily select interlocking deadbolt locks for the two side door locks. This door lock type has so many modules, so it will be challenging for thieves to break in.Different Types Locks

2. Keyless Cylindrical Lock

This popular lock secures doors with style and efficiency. You need to push the button that will provide you privacy by preventing anyone from entering. In order to open the lock, get a key from outside. This lock is available in a variety of lovely finishes to go with your home decor.

This is made out of stainless steel and has a lock system that is key-operated. The front doors are the best candidates. Single-panel doors are available with a thickness of 28 to 58 mm and perform well. You may be surprised to know, these door locks can withstand moisture. Moreover, this conventional door lock works like a knob and locks the door with a pin.

3. Mortise Door Lock

The mortise door lock is available with a smooth push-and-pull motion which is secured by this locking mechanism. The handle guarantees high security and offers you a superb grip. A dual-operated door lock is said to be more durable than a cylindrical one.

This is because the way they are carved may weaken the door structure. With their versatility, they offer more leverage than cylindrical locks, endure longer, and enable more architectural compatibility.

4. Padlock

A padlock is one of the most widely used locking systems. This is useful for storefronts, garages, two-sided grill doors, and warehouses. Generally, a good shutter padlock will last longer than shutters’ standard locks. If you have valuables, it is truly the perfect lock for your shutter.

5. Round Locks

Round knob locks are another popular type of lock. So, these days, one can locate them in almost every house and apartment building. These door knob locks are able to secure doors with a single or double-cylinder locking mechanism.

Although, these apartment front door locks are useful and relatively easy to operate. Even more, they are readily available and moderately priced, and quite easy to use.

6. Tiny Deal Door Lock

The tiny door lock is used with less durable doors due to its lightweight attribute. Steel construction prevents rusting and utilises a combination lock method. The key for this door lock is missing and also requires a four-digit padlock. Furthermore, it is easy to use and easily accessible.

7. Rim Door Lock

It essentially comprises a wall-mounted box with a deadbolt-style lock and a latch. Basically, it is made of stainless steel and has a smooth finish. As its design is solid, it is essential.

These types of locks are for residential use, have a timeless design, and are quick installation. You look for the crisp and polished in a variety of styles.

7. Electronic locks

Using these smart locks, and flexible electronic door locks, there are numerous ways to lock and unlock a door. Another benefit of smart locks is the ability to close and open them using a phone or key fob. Even though many of them also come with a keypad and a keyhole.

There are many smart locks that include Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities and are able to connect with home automation systems. The associated features of these locks must be powered by energy, and their batteries must be replaced in a periodic manner.

8. Padlock

A reliable padlock is the simplest gate lock choice for you. For this, you should simply close it around the gate lock to complete the task. Always remember the code or keep the key nearby.

Typically, in calm places, this can meet modest needs. Alternatively, if your fence currently lacks a lock, you can increase security by adding a padlock. But, we also have additional choices if you need something tougher.

9. Locked Door

Did you know that, right down to the handle, the lock on your gate can resemble the lock on your front door? Make sure the lock on your gate matches the lock on your house. You’ll only need to carry one key around as a result.

10. Key Locked

Keyed latches enable you to feel protected without incurring a significant cost. This option features a standard sliding latch with a keyhole.

11. Electronic Keyless

Now, mechanical keyless locks are the next option on our list of gate lock types for your fence. As you know, not everyone desires a ring loaded with keys. Also, if you can avoid it, you should try to avoid having to replace the key if you lose it.

This all will be done if all you have to do to open mechanical keyless locks is punch in your code. Obviously, installing or changing the code for some settings does take some more time. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a practical option, this one will work worthwhile for you.

Electronic keyless locks offer a practical and secure alternative. In addition, electronic keyless locks make it quick and easy to alter your code. They have numerous codes on one lock if you ever choose to.

You can compare several models, but be sure to look for one crucial feature with complete weather resistance. Both parties should present it and If your lock is exposed to the elements, it can malfunction otherwise.

12. Digital locks

In this technology world, smart Locks can improve the keyless lock experience. Tech lovers will really adore this choice because of its Bluetooth, fingerprint authentication, OLED display, and anti-peep touchscreen capabilities.

However, two things should be kept in mind: one is the increased cost and another is selecting a weather-resistant alternative. Keys and codes can be left behind due to these cutting-edge, efficient choices. Even more, you can use a phone app to open your gate. You just need to simply push the keychain button to activate it and enter straight now.


To summarise, building a fence might become a thrilling endeavour. After reading this blog, you will definitely, turner Fence walks you through every step of the process. This is from defining fence words to going over the several gatemate and side gate lock options for your fence. Keep all the pointers in your mind while using ironmongery products.

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